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standalone paperback + swag


Safiyah Cruorem struggles with her life as a Dhampir, half human and half vampire, following the death of her Nan. Abandoned at birth and surrounded by self-entitled mortals, she flees the big city looking to start a new life in the old stone town of Celestial. When she joins an anger management group at ParaReform, Safiyah is greeted by anticipated paranormal shifters of different types that open her eyes to a whole new world. Sessions are lead by the sexy and mysterious Drew (Andy) Stevens, who instantly captivates all of her senses. She must have him!Unfortunately, when Alice crashes into town claiming to be her mother, Safiyah's world is turned upside down and Drew's life is at stake, forcing her to burn her bridges with those she loves. Through love and acceptance, Drew shows Safiyah that she can conquer the unexpected obstacles that life throws at her and that he can't live without her.


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