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Sometimes in life, something happens that will not only affect you, it will create a ripple effect, encompassing your family and friends. Hope will help you to overcome and survive, but your life and outlook are forever changed. 

This collection of stories is about overcoming obstacles, surviving when it seemed hard or impossible, and dealing with life-changing events. 

**All proceeds will benefit Cancer Research Institute.


A collection of ten never before published paranormal romance tales about strong females who struggle to hold on to their scaredy "cat" males. This anthology is full of steamy hijinks that might just melt your eReader.

Follow these lynx, panthers, jaguars, lions, tigers, witches, cu-sith, and familiars as they find love when they're least expecting it.

**A percentage of each sale is being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.**

Caught by Love by Josette Reuel
Distracted by a bad mane day and haywire magic, Laith forgot to hide from love.

A Roar of Her Own by S.E. Isaac
No place to hide, when she's on the prowl to find love.

Changing His Spots by Catherine Bowman
She captures his unwilling heart with her spirit and her camera.

Hunter's Moon by Romarin Demetri
Autumn should never have let him go.

Kenya and Her King by Crystal St. Clair
A king only bows down to his queen. 

Snowbound by A.M. Cosgrove
He likes the quiet of the woods. She's looking for some peace of her own. Will they be able to survive the storm that is threatening their solitude?

An Unwanted Rescue by Adalaine Rose
An unwanted rescue breeds an unwanted love.

Herding Cats by Edward Blackwood
Some cats just leave mice on the doorstep, he brought her a whole clowder of trouble. 

Tamed by Laura Stapleton
Only the queen of hearts can tame this king of the beasts.

Pride & Flamboyance by S. E. Isaac & Josette Reuel
Ruffled feathers and a wild mane can't stop love.




A paranormal romance collection with heated tales and paths to romance.


**Proceeds will be donated to the "Ronald McDonald House Charities **

Of Luck & Fox Tails by Josette Reuel

"Berserker rage and anger controlled abilities land two fated lovers exactly where they need to be — together."


Run My Way by S.E. Isaac

"Brenna is always on the run, but will she change her path and run toward love?"


Red Dot Capers by C.A. King

"He was in agreement with his shifter side about one thing: she was much better to play with."


Reflections by Crystal St.Clair

"Own your imperfections then you will love your reflection."


Beauty & the Badge by Edward Blackwood

"Not every wound is visible, but the salve is always the same, a lover`s touch."

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